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Sometimes we lose perspective on why we are in business: quality product, great price, make a fair profit.  It isn’t always easy, is it?  You hear about best practices, lean, six-sigma, NIST, ITIL, ISO, just-in-time, etc.  You are most likely an expert at all of the industry, technology, and business tools that will help you.  But business is not about black and white, but how you manage gray in-between.


We think success in business is about caring for the people we love, our employees, the people who use our products, and recognizing everything we do affects not only us, but also our community. We propose success is all about creating and nurturing a business you can leave to the next generation and be proud of. We think being in business is about passion, experience, confidence, and integrity.  We are sure you knew why you are in business; but we thought you wouldn’t mind a nice reminder. Your business is efficient, but if given a chance, we think we can help you make it more effective. We Are


We provide business leadership that helps businesses take themselves to the next level. Our focus is providing a combination of business advice, solutions, or technology that match the needs and culture of your business in the USA, or anywhere in the world. We take the Fortune 50 best practices and share that knowledge and expertise at an affordable price.


We are not turning anything upside down; but we can help you keep things right-side up.  Best practices may work for the Fortune 50, but you will benefit more from having core practices in place, what we call “minimum essential” practices to maintain and grow your business.



How about some self-help


We would like to help you be successful, therefore, we are going to extend to you a link that is not our own. If you think you have what it takes to improve your business to the next level, then perhaps all you need is a good framework. If all you need is that final nudge, then please copy and paste the following link into your browser; go to: where you can search for materials featured in FORTUNE, such as “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” (Gazelles, Inc 2014)


(We are not affiliated with Gazelles, Inc in any way; we reference you to their web site because it was an outstanding public business resource)


Great Framework equals Great Performance


You ask yourself: why have you been provided a link to those references and frameworks? One reason alone: those frameworks are some of the best we’ve seen! If you need help with those public materials, contact the team at Gazelles Inc. You ask yourself again: why are we sharing this link? That's easy: you could find this public information yourself using the internet, if only you knew where to look. We just helped you look. Now, if you are on that page, what do you start with? Try BHAG and your company’s core values.


However, there is another reason, and we will use this example.  Frameworks or “play books” will help you. That is why American football teams create a team “play book” and give one to each person. 6-12 weeks later, they get together for their first game, having read and embraced the play book, join their teammates on the field, and perform as a team, right? Nevertheless, they have the play book, don’t they?


A Growing Business requires a Great Team


Okay: perhaps you see our point. Frameworks are great, but we are talking about a business and your team. To engage as a team or as an enterprise, the team and enterprise must work thru the framework as a team. Your team must gain experience, confidence, demonstrate integrity, and be passionate about what they are doing as both an individual and as a team.  Your team may even need workshops (practices) to make it come together. Sometimes one person or group may need extra special time to come “up to speed.”


Everybody needs some help in business, sometime. You or your business may need help in the form of a coach or mentor who understands business and the technology that supports your effort to produce quality products, delivered on time, at a profit to precious customers and clients. We call those people who do business coaching, mentoring, or training “business consultants.” If not business improvement, we also have the ability to help organize your team in such a way that it will work more effectively together. Paraphrasing Jim Collin's book "Good to Great," you may have the right people on the bus, but are they doing the right things? Are the people on your bus working as a team? Are the people on your bus effective or are they efficient? We can help you answer these questions with some "discovery."


Get More Out of Your Business


Why are more people wanting to get more out of their business? Because they know what is important to their enterprise, company, employees, customers, and community. Exactly why we at wireMORE would like to help. Email us today at, and we will invest 4 hours of discovery with your management team or leadership, at your place of business, anywhere in the world, at no charge, free, and with no obligation.* We don't know if we can help you, because we don't know your unique situation. We hope you take advantage of this unique offer.


* (You are responsible for all travel, meals, and reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in the performance of this discovery)


Areas of Expertise...


·          Manufacturing

·          HealthCare

·          Insurance

·          General Business Management



·          Systems Integration

·          Training & Workshops

·          Business or Technology Analysis

·          Statistical Methods (SPC)

·          Proposal/RFP/RFI Assistance

·          Contracts & Negotiations

·          Six-Sigma, ITIL, ISO

·          Information Security

What We Offer


·          Software Selection

·          Business Process Optimization

·          Business & Technology Training

·          Managed Services

·          Content Management/Web Portals

·          Project  Management on/off shore



·          Business Improvement

·          Supply Chain, ERP, MRP, MES

·          Wireless, Mobility

·          Virus, ad-ware & spyware removal

·          Microsoft business tools

·          Security Analysis via Ethical 'hacking'

What People Say

Client Feedback

·          A recent Business Process & Organizational Change Management project resulted in the CEO stating “…inspired & energized our leadership to take our business to the next level.”


·         "They helped us translate what the vendor was saying from techno-speak, to business terms.  They negotiated the contracts, intellectual property rights  & maintenance fees for us and saved, in the first year alone, what their total fees were for the engagement." (CFO)


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